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Craft beer on draft for your office

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Fancy having a craft beer tap in the office but don’t know where to begin?
KegHop takes care of everything.

From sourcing great craft beer every month to installing the right equipment and keeping it running smoothly, KegHop is the easiest way to get craft on draft at work.


Benefit 1

Isn’t it really complicated to install and run a keg?

Anyone can have a craft beer tap in their office. All you need is a mains outlet and some thirsty people. We’ll do the rest.

Benefit 2

A keg is a lot of beer — won't we get bored?

Nope. Every month we’ll hook you up with your next keg of awesome craft beer. We change it up by sourcing different beers direct from the best UK craft brewers every week.

Benefit 4

Do we need our own equipment?

We supply 30 litre KeyKegs, so if you have a setup that can handle those then we’re good. If you don’t have equipment don’t worry! We can rent you exactly what you need.

Benefit 3

How do I sign up?

KegHop is new so we’re onboarding new customers slowly. If you think KegHop might be a good fit for your office, please pick a plan and join the waitlist below. We’ll be in touch soon.


KegHop plans are simple and flexible. All include 30 liters of great craft beer and an equipment clean & service every month. Chose a month-to-month plan and cancel anytime, or sign up for a year and save £600 in equipment rental.

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