Craft beer on tap in your office

KegHop production line

Only pay for what you drink

Don’t worry about how much beer you need to buy, simply pay as you go.

Different beer every month

No more drinking the same beer for months on end! A different keg hooked up every time.

Equipment & Servicing

Line rental includes equipment rental and a professional service every month.

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Benefit 1

Isn’t it really complicated to install and run a keg?

Anyone can have a craft beer tap in their office. All you need is a mains outlet and some thirsty people. We’ll do the rest.

Benefit 2

What beer will we get?

Every month we’ll hook you up with your next keg of awesome craft beer. Always something different, but we try and favour light, bright, sessionable beers over anything too off the wall.

Benefit 4

Do we need our own equipment?

Line rental includes all the equipment hire as well as a professional service every month. Don’t need to rent equipment? Let us know and we’ll cut you a deal. Wanna clean your own lines as well? Fine by us — we’ll just charge for the beer.

Benefit 3

How do I sign up?

KegHop is new so we’re onboarding new customers slowly. If you think KegHop might be a good fit for your office let us know by joining the waitlist. We’ll be in touch soon.