The draft beer system designed for offices

How it works

Step 0: Tasting Session

Is your team a bunch of hop-heads, or is there a prevailing taste for lagers in the office? Let’s find out together.

Step 1: Installation

Freestanding or integrated? KegHop can help you chose the right dispense equipment for you.

Step 2: Curation

KegHop curates a fresh selection of craft beers directly from some of the best independent breweries in the UK.

The Kernel Brewery
Verdant Brewing Co.
Gun Brewery
Fourpure Brewing Co.
Fourpure Brewing Co.

Step 3: Servicing

Every two weeks a KegHop engineer will be round to clean the lines for you, and deliver your next keg as required.

Still a bit confusing? Check out some Case Studies

Get started

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