Case Studies

Selected installations from our client portfolio

Brunner logo

Brunner approached KegHop to breathe new life into their existing but neglected kegerator, with the hope of serving visitors to their London showroom a beer that matched the quality of their unique, meticulous office furniture designs.

KegHop performed an initial service on the equipment Brunner already had in place, stripping the machine down and restoring it to its fuctional best. KegHop then supplied a range of beers — mainly German styles such as Kölsch & Pilsner to match Brunner’s heritage — as well as regular line cleaning services.

MTM London logo

Thirdway Interiors approached the KegHop team to install for their client a through-counter tap with only a small under-counter space to house any dispense equipment while complying with health & saftey requirements.

KegHop engineers worked with Thirdway's designer to find enough space to install a LINDR branded cooler and air compressor in the small space, thereby avoiding the need for CO2 gas canisters to be present on site. Since then, KegHop has provided fortnightly line cleans and curated a range of craft beers and sparkling wines.

Tripadvisor logo

The team at Tripadvisor wanted to make their dreams of twin taps in their kitchen / breakout space a reality. KegHop was more than happy to help. While the space was generous, room for the unit was at a premium.

KegHop helped by supplying everything needed to realise the company’s beer-related vision — from gas bottles to beers and ciders chosen by the Tripadvisor beer commity (yes, they have a beer committee), KegHop has made having these taps a breeze.